President Biden's Visit to Pittsburgh Highlights Much Needed Infrastructure Investment

Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 3:17 PM CST

HARRISBURG, Pa., Jan. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's tragedy in Pittsburgh highlights the disastrous state of Pennsylvania's infrastructure and the desperate need for immediate investment.  President Joe Biden's address today demonstrated the significance of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  This historic bipartisan legislation accomplishes much to rebuild Pennsylvania and our country and prevent further avoidable tragedies.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Logo (PRNewsfoto/Pennsylvania AFL-CIO)
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Logo (PRNewsfoto/Pennsylvania AFL-CIO)(PRNewswire)

This legislation is an investment in critical areas of our Commonwealth that desperately need attention.  The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO made the following comments:

"Washington D.C. has been talking about infrastructure for years," said Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale, "but President Biden, with the help and strong support of the AFL-CIO and its unions, got a bill over the finish line.  We need to prevent the kind of tragedy that occurred today in Pittsburgh.  Pennsylvanians will be safer in their communities and see increased investment in their livelihoods.  Not only can southwest Pennsylvania's building trades now look forward to steady employment over the next decade, but more factories will also be hiring, and new factories built to meet the need for materials and equipment."

"Today's shocking bridge collapse in Pittsburgh must serve as a reminder that infrastructure investment is not only about projects we would like to do, but projects we must do.  I personally lost loved ones due to a known unsafe roadway.  Pennsylvania has far too many of those roads and bridges that are in total disrepair right now.  This Bill will save lives," added Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder.

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