Evergreen Nephrology Partners with Nephrology Associates of Michigan

Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 11:46 AM CDT

Evergreen Nephrology will partner with nephrologists to transform kidney care for patients across Michigan.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Evergreen Nephrology is announcing a joint venture with Nephrology Associates of Michigan, a specialty nephrology practice caring for patients in Southeast Michigan.  Evergreen Nephrology partners with nephrologists in local markets to transform kidney care, and Evergreen believes that nephrologists are best positioned to lead this charge.

Evergreen Nephrology
Evergreen Nephrology(PRNewswire)

"The field of kidney care is changing at a rapid clip. We went into medicine hoping to make a difference in the lives of our patients, but we have faced numerous obstacles in getting patients access not only to timely kidney care, but also to the critical resources they need to live meaningful and healthy lives. Kidney patients face extraordinary burdens when it comes to cost of care and quality of life. Our partnership with Evergreen Nephrology represents a welcome opportunity to address these patient specific needs, by meeting patients where they are at and giving us, their physicians, the tools to better care for them. We are optimistic that this partnership, focused on providing value-based care to this vulnerable patient population, will be successful in transforming the lives of the patients we care for by slowing progression of chronic kidney disease, and by facilitating treatment outcomes that are better for overall patient health including preemptive renal transplantation and access to home dialysis therapies. In an era defined by population health metrics, Evergreen Nephrology will allow us to individualize patient care, thereby achieving our mission of enabling patients to live their best lives. We know delivery of health care doesn't always coincide with delivery of actual health, but our partnership with Evergreen Nephrology will allow us to return to the roots of the practice of medicine for the betterment of the patients we serve," said Vidooshi Maru, MD, President, Nephrology Associates of Michigan.

"It is our honor at Evergreen Nephrology to partner with Nephrology Associates of Michigan. We know they believe in our mission of putting doctors in the driver's seat when it comes to patient care and in doing so, creating a better life for people living with kidney disease," said Stanley Crittenden, MD, FASN, Chief Medical Officer, Evergreen Nephrology. "Together, Evergreen Nephrology and Nephrology Associates of Michigan will change the way people living with kidney disease in Michigan receive care. Evergreen will support and achieve this goal by providing the full clinical, technical, and financial support to transform care for their patients."

Since 2015 more than 12,000 people per year died waiting for a transplant or were removed from the waiting list after becoming 'too sick to transplant.' Additionally, minorities and people of color are adversely affected by kidney disease and yet are less likely to receive a kidney transplant. Evergreen Nephrology and its nephrologist partners believe that the status quo is unacceptable and are committed to providing best in class care for people suffering from kidney disease. This includes delaying disease progression, shifting kidney care to the home, and getting patients needed organ transplants.

The United States spends more than $130 billion dollars a year fighting kidney disease, often because nephrologists are not involved in patient care early enough. Evergreen partners with nephrologists to provide them resources to invest in an expanded care model, the financial backing needed to take total cost of care risk, and a technical platform built for a value-based environment. Evergreen will also partner with dialysis providers and hospitals to share risk and enable better outcomes for patients.

About Evergreen Nephrology

Evergreen Nephrology was built with the mission to transform kidney care by putting nephrologists in the driver's seat. By empowering nephrologists, providing financial backing, best-in-class clinical resources, and analytical insights and tools, Evergreen strives to slow disease progression, improve clinical outcomes, and increase quality of life for people living with CKD and ESRD. In addition to providing high quality healthcare and strategic partnerships, Evergreen intends to launch a Medicare Advantage Plan in 2023.

About Nephrology Associates of Michigan

Nephrology Associates of Michigan has been providing high quality kidney care for the residents of Southeast Michigan since 1974. We are currently ten physicians, eleven advanced practitioners, along with much appreciated staff, and growing. We cover five counties with our main hub being the beautiful city of Ann Arbor, MI. Our footprint may be large, but our focus is singular. Simply put, we endeavor to be your partner in health.

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Nephrology Associates of Michigan
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