Mike Riley: Nebraska's Nice Guy

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Lincoln, NE -- Nebraska head coach Mike Riley seems right at home on a football field, leading the Huskers with a smile on his face.

"I always tell people I just hope they see a guy who loves what does," said Riley. "I've coached football now for over 40 years...I do love it."

His players will even tell you, the nice guy fans see in interviews isn't just a show put on for the cameras.

"He's such a nice guy and even sometimes when he's yelling, it's like a nice yell," said junior wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp.

Riley says coaching is about more than just leading players on the field.

"You initially get into it because you like the game and you want to teach it and that's fun but then there's so much more we can do in a program so I've enjoyed that," said Riley.

Nebraska begins fall camp Thursday night as the Huskers prepare to open the season Saturday, September 5 at home against BYU.