Husker freshmen impress in spring game

Sun Apr 21 20:44:02 PDT 2019

Husker freshmen impress in spring game

Tuesday Forecast

Variable cloudiness with chilly conditions on Tuesday.

Porch Fire Warning

Two Nebraska homeowners want to give others a warning, after their home burst into flames -- and it was caused by porch decorations.


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New owner of consumer DNA database vows to fight police search warrants

"It's about trust," GEDmatch's new owner said, promising to protect the DNA profiles of users who don't want police to search them.

6 dead in New Jersey shootout, including officer and three civilians, police say

A police officer, three civilians and two suspects were killed Tuesday afternoon during a standoff and shootout in Jersey City, authorities said.

Pastor who decried sexually abusive clerics accused of sexually abusing a minor

Father Patrick T. Hoare, who was not a priest at the time of the alleged abuse, denies the allegation and has been placed on administrative leave from St. Matthew Catholic Church.

Navy looking at making it harder for foreign trainees to buy guns

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said the Pentagon is considering additional steps to further protect its military installations, military personnel and families.

'LGBT indoctrination agenda'? Petitions want to keep Hallmark 'family-friendly'

Hallmark Christmas movies have no gay lead characters, and at least two conservative groups want to keep it that way.