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NBC News Headlines

Navy looking at making it harder for foreign trainees to buy guns

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said the Pentagon is considering additional steps to further protect its military installations, military personnel and families.

Boy born with half a heart donates dozens of toys to other kids for Christmas

The 4-year-old boy from Arlington, Texas, nicknamed “Tin Man,” has put the hearts of kids in need before his own this Christmas by donating dozens of toys to a local police program.

Baltimore real estate company surprises employees with $10M in bonuses

The 198 employees received bonuses ranging from $100 to $270,000 -- the specific amount based on tenure.

NRA, Houston Police Union denounces Houston Police Chief’s plea for stronger gun control

Chief Acevedo blasted federal lawmakers for not reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act and not supporting a provision that would stop anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning a firearm if they’re living with a significant other. The Houston Police Union has condemned the timing of the chief’s comments.

Ed Smart, dad of kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart, says there's no gay 'cure'

Smart, who became a household name after his daughter was kidnapped in 2002, said he tried for decades to suppress his sexuality.