Black Hills Energy to Consolidate Operations in Scottsbluff

Black Hills Energy to Consolidate Operations in Scottsbluff

Cozad Creates Icon Project

Cozad's CDC launches Cozad Creates Icon Project.

Leaning Cooler Thursday

Highs Will be in the lower 70s, Thursday..Some 5 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year. Scattered thunderstorms chances each day through next Wednesday.

Thursday Forecast

Clouds, fog, and cooler temperatures for Thursday.

Sears Hometown to remain open

As things change at Francis Square, Sears Hometown is to remain open.

KNOP Pigskin Preview: NPHS Bulldogs

KNOP Pigskin Preview: NPHS Bulldogs


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NBC News Headlines

Passengers walk away uninjured after plane bursts into flames at California airport

Authorities said that the plane experienced complications during take-off that resulted in the plane and grass around it to catch fire.

Cleveland cop charged with trying to kidnap girl, urinating on her

Prosecutors say the 34-year-old officer recorded the alleged assault on his cellphone.

March Madness star Sister Jean celebrates 100th birthday

Sister Jean became the sweetheart of March Madness as the team chaplain for the Loyola men’s basketball team with her pre-game prayers and calm courtside presence. Now her beloved university is celebrating her as she turns 100.

Mysterious illness threatening Florida’s panthers

Florida’s fish and wildlife agency shared video of a panther and bobcat struggling to walk, their hind legs virtually useless. Authorities have confirmed two cases of neurological damage to these big cats, and trail cameras show at least nine others with similar symptoms.

Americans will soon need Real ID to fly: What you need to know

TSA agents are now offering a friendly warning to airport travelers: by next fall, their driver’s licenses must be Real ID-compliant, or else they can’t fly in the U.S. without a passport. The new requirements are based on a law passed after 9/11 that creates a single, national standard for all 50 states.