Bomgaars will open in old Shop-Ko building by November

Fri Jul 19 19:32:30 PDT 2019

Bomgaars will open in old Shop-Ko building by November

Bomgaars will open in old Shop-Ko building by November

Porch Fire Warning

Two Nebraska homeowners want to give others a warning, after their home burst into flames -- and it was caused by porch decorations.

Hay rides at Cody Park are a holiday favorite

Cody Park offers tours of the park's holiday festivities on a tractor pulled hay ride.


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Supreme Court leaves in place Kentucky abortion law that mandates doctors show fetal images to patients

Doctors must perform ultrasounds and have women listen to fetal heartbeats before performing abortions.

Kentucky police seize air fryer containing 20 pounds of meth

Narcotics officers were able to intercept the parcel containing about $100,000 worth of drugs, Louisville Metro police said in a Facebook post Saturday.

Wildlife activist injured by two tigers at Southern California sanctuary

Patty Perry is expected to survive head cuts and puncture wounds to her neck.

Girl, 12, arrested after making 'death list' of students at her Florida middle school

The student at Falcon Cove Middle School in Weston faces two counts of a written threat to kill and false reporting concerning a firearm, authorities said.

They were aspiring aviators who were gunned down at flight school

"He died a hero and we are beyond proud, but there is a hole in our hearts that can never be filled," one of the victims' relatives said.