Wed Aug 14 11:01:56 PDT 2019

More storm chances!

MNAC girls basketball from Mullen

The Broncos defeat Sandhills Valley and Anselmo-Merna holds off Arthur County

Dense Fog Possible Overnight

Areas of dense fog are possible overnight, but mild temperatures remain in-store over the next few days.

5 year economic plan

5 year economic plan


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NBC News Headlines

50 U.S. service members diagnosed with brain injury from Iran missile attack

Of the 16 newly diagnosed patients, 15 have returned to duty in Iraq, the Defense Department said.

Missing Idaho kids: Mother Lori Vallow found in Hawaii without children

Joshua Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, were last seen in September.

Maryland officer charged with murder after fatal shooting of man handcuffed in car

The man was taken into custody by Prince George's County police responding to reports that a driver had struck multiple vehicles.

Coronavirus risk in U.S. 'remains low' even as federal officials take steps to protect public

"This is a very fast moving, constantly changing situation," Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said.

Parnas can attend Trump's impeachment trial, but judge won't let him take off ankle monitor

Unless the Senate alters its rules, Lev Parnas' GPS device will probably make his attendance in the Senate Gallery impossible.