Fri Feb 21 20:50:47 PST 2020

GOTW Paxton vs. St. Pat's

Cozad teachers organize parade

Teachers in Cozad organize parade to lift students' spirits.

Utilizing crane watching as a social isolation activity

People in North Platte are watching the cranes as a way to get outdoors but social isolate at the same time.

COVID Cruise Night live shot

Patrick Johnstone is live for the COVID cruise night

Warmer Days Ahead

We'll stay dry the next few days with clouds and some sunshine peaking through. 60s are expected Sunday with 70s for Monday and Tuesday.


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NBC News Headlines

'Awful and beautiful': Saying goodbye to coronavirus victims without a funeral

“There is a deep sadness with not being able to comfort one another,” one faith leader said. “I tell families this will pass. They will get through this.”

Pro Football Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell dies at 84

When Mitchell joined the Redskins in 1962, they became the last NFL team to integrate.

Government watchdog: Hospitals face severe shortages of medical gear, confusing guidance from government

An internal government report found that one hospital was so short of thermometers it could screen staff and patients for coronavirus only at random.

Dolly Parton starts virtual story time to entertain kids stuck at home

As part of her new web series “Goodnight with Dolly,” legendary musician Dolly Parton is reading bedtime stories for kids at home. It’s the latest chapter for her “Imagination Library,” a program started in 1995 to mail free books to kids each month.

Paramedics under pressure with record level emergency calls

Paramedics in Florida are now getting more and more calls for potential coronavirus cases. In Coral Springs, many paramedics took “quick-read” blood tests to check for antibodies to see if they have an inexplicable immunity and can take more calls.