Changes in golf course procedure

Wed Mar 25 22:00:30 PDT 2020

Changes in golf course procedure

North Platte golf courses are changing operating during the Coronavirus pandemic

NSAA evaluating spring season possibilities

Hear from NSAA Board of Directors member Dan Keyser

Rain, Snow, and Wind into Saturday

A powerful low pressure system will bring rain, t'storms, snow, and wind to the area Friday night into Saturday.

NPHS Pickup

NPHS Pickup


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Why some COVID-19 patients may face problems even after recovery

People who remain in the ICU for weeks may end up with memory problems and trouble thinking clearly.

California Gov. Newsom commutes sentences for 21, including killers

Fourteen of the commuted cases involved murder or related charges.

Experts fear child abuse will increase with coronavirus isolation

People trained to recognize abuse, like teachers and child care workers, are not seeing kids who may be confined to abusive households.