NTSB Crash Report: Pilot broke FAA regulations

Published: Sep. 10, 2019 at 11:11 PM CDT
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The NTSB says the pilot, 39-year-old Clint VanderWey, should not have had a passenger when his Cessna plane crashed on Sept. 8 near Crookston, Neb. His son, 16-year-old son, Jed, also died in the crash.

The report says VanderWey was certified only as a student pilot. VanderWey was prohibited from being a pilot in command of a plane carrying a passenger.

VanderWey and his 16-year-old son, Jed, died when their Cssna 140 crashed in prairie near the family's farm near Crookston. The NTSB says VanderWey took off from his private airstrip.

Family members say VanderWey ran an irrigation service. He would fly over water towers to report the water level to farmers.

The preliminary report found no mechanical problems with the plane.



A father and son killed were killed in plane crash north of Valentine in South Dakota on Sunday, September 8th.

Officials say they do not have a cause of the crash yet, and they do not know exactly when the Cessna 140 went down in the rolling prairie between St. Francis, South Dakota and North of Crookston, Nebraska.

39-year old Clint and his son, 16-year old Jed Vanderwey of north of Crookston died in the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board is looking for answers. Investigator Mike Hodges saying that preliminary findings will be posted in 5-7 days on the NTSB website, but it will take 1-3 years before a final report can be made.

The Vanderway family farms near the border of South Dakota and Nebraska.Wayne Rundback was Clint Vanderwey's father-in-law and Jed's grandfather. Rundback says Clint Vanderwey would fly to monitor his irrigation service.

Rundback says the two left in the plane Sunday evening, and a search-and-rescue mission began around 10 p.m.

Jed VanderWey had just started school as a sophomore. KVSH Radio reports Valentine Community School made counselors available.

Funeral services will be held Monday at United Methodist Church in Valentine.